4 Types of Input To Seek Out In Major Decisions

I’m in the midst of some major transitions in my life. I’ve learned the value of having the input of others when I go through these types of changes. No individual can see themselves and their own life clearly. We all have blind spots and things around us that we sometimes miss. We need others to help us sort out fact from fiction, truth in the midst of emotions, and determine the best path forward.

However, we don’t want to just take anyone’s input. We also all have people around us that don’t have our best interest at mind. We have people that are immature and lack wisdom. Those are people you do NOT want to listen to. Here are four types of people you DO want to listen to.

4 Types of Input To Seek Out

  1. Professionals – If you’re making a large investment or buying a house, you want to consult with realtors, bankers, and those that have a lot of experience in investments. If you’re changing careers or pursuing a new opportunity, you want to talk to people that understand the industry, trends, skill sets required, and have experience in the direction you’re wanting to go. We all need people that have authority in the topic or area we are considering. Be careful to avoid people with just theoretical knowledge, and find people that have real life experience.
  2. Personal – Who knows you the best? You want people that know you, your personality, your history, your strengths, and weaknesses. You want someone you can be totally honest with and you know will be totally honest with you if there’s a hard truth you need to hear or you’re about to make a mistake. Life is better together. We all need friendships that have our best interest in mind and want us to succeed. 
  3. Spiritual – The Bible says “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” We need people that can help us hear God clearly in a situation. Even if you’re not a Christian, having someone else pray for you or give you spiritual counsel can be extremely helpful. If you’ve never tried it before, find someone in your life that is spiritual and give it a try!
  4. Your Spouse – Don’t ever go in a direction if your spouse is not on board! I’ve learned that Courtney has a lot of wisdom in these types of situations. She perceives things that I miss. We don’t ever make major life decisions with our finances, careers, family, or anything else unless we are on the same page. If she is hesitant or uncertain we wait. She always has permission to veto any decision. Not only are things at home much more peaceful this way but I’ve avoided many mistakes by listening to her counsel.

Don’t make decisions in isolation. Invite others into the process. You will make better choices, avoid loneliness, and find more success. Life is better together.

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