It’s Never Too Late… 4 Steps To Recover From Failure

“I blew it.” “The opportunity is gone.” “It’s too late.” “I failed again.” Have you ever heard those statements in your mind? For some, those words are like a MP3 that plays on repeat. We hear them every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Some of us have others around us that remind us of how inadequate we are.

As we work through regret, missed opportunities, and mistakes we often times focus on wishing we had a RESET button or a DO-OVER. Life very rarely gives us do-overs. However, you can have a MAKEOVER.

Where you are now doesn’t have to be where you are tomorrow. Things can change. Your past doesn’t define your future. It’s never too late to start something new. There is hope. Don’t give up. It’s time to start your MAKEOVER!

4 Steps To Your Makeover

1. Learn From Your Past – while our past doesn’t define our future, it does have value. Allow your past to be your professor. Analyze it. Learn from it. Allow it to be a tool for growth as you identify areas of improvement, blindspots, and weaknesses that need addressed. It is also useful to help you recognize your strengths and areas you should focus on moving forward.

2. Don’t Attempt This Alone – my wife is an aesthetician. She is amazing at doing people’s hair and makeup. However, when she wants her own hair colored or cut, even though she’s very talented, she doesn’t do it herself. Don’t attempt your makeover alone. Bring others, that you trust, into the process. Share with them where you’re at, the struggles and challenges you’re facing, and ask them to walk with you moving forward.

3. God Makes All Things New – as a Christian, every time I fail or mess up, I find great comfort in knowing that God is in the business of recreating and bringing beauty out of messes. God makes things new. He transforms. He’s a God of second chances. (read a few reminders from the Bible)

4. Go For It! – We all fail, make mistakes, and mess up. It’s a part of life. Don’t let your failure be a period when it should be a comma. Get back up. Go back out there. Go after another new customer. Apply for that next job. Have lunch with another person. Passionately pursue that next dream. Don’t give up.

Your MAKEOVER is about to begin, “Go for it!”

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