Trapped By Titles

Our culture likes titles. Companies get fixated on organizational charts in an attempt to match the perfect titles with the right people at the right layers (and then change them again next year.) Individuals obsess over and chase after the recognition that goes along with titles. People drive their identity and self-worth from the role listed on their business card.

Titles are important and do have a role to play to bring clarity and avoid confusion. However, often times we allow our title to limit our success.

Too often we allow a title to keep us from taking action. You see something that needs to be done or have an idea that will move things forward and instead of taking action we think, “Well, that’s not MY responsibility. <insert name> should go do that.” We miss out on opportunities to serve others, differentiate ourselves, and have an impact.

Don’t become trapped by your title! Those that differentiate themselves and always add value are those that see a need and respond. They’re the ones that go above and beyond their title to do what’s needed. It may be as simple as cleaning up a mess or taking out the trash. Or it may be recognizing a gap in your organization’s services or products and proactively bringing it to everyone’s attention to find a solution.

Inside of you are gifts and talents the world needs. Think of the potential inside of you like a seed. Sure a single seed may just produce a single tree. However, a single seed also has the potential to produce a forest! Don’t allow your current title or responsibilities to limit you. If you see a need, have a passion or dream GO AFTER IT! The world needs the gifts and talents that are inside of you!

Question: How have you allowed your title to limit you in your past? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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