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Have you downloaded the trueU app yet? I partnered with trueU and released eight Leadership Lessons that are rolling out over the next several weeks. This week we released “Finding Your Sweet Spot.” It’s a great, short video to consider what you’ll focus on going into the new year.
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Can’t Stand Your Boss?

5 strategies for dealing with a difficult boss.

Do you like your boss? Are you thinking about quitting your job because of your boss? According to Gallup, 50% of people in the United States have quit their job at some point in their career to get away from their boss. What do we do when we work for a difficult boss?

The Harvard Business Review recently wrote a great article titled “Do You Hate Your Boss?” They lay out steps you should take if you work for a difficult boss. As Christians, we have a unique view of the world and work. While HBR’s article outlines some great steps, they left some out that we should pursue as people of faith. Here are my suggestions on what to do when you can’t stand your boss.

4 Types of Input To Seek Out In Major Decisions

I’m in the midst of some major transitions in my life. I’ve learned the value of having the input of others when I go through these types of changes. No individual can see themselves and their own life clearly. We all have blind spots and things around us that we sometimes miss. We need others to help us sort out fact from fiction, truth in the midst of emotions, and determine the best path forward.

However, we don’t want to just take anyone’s input. We also all have people around us that don’t have our best interest at mind. We have people that are immature and lack wisdom. Those are people you do NOT want to listen to. Here are four types of people you DO want to listen to.

How To Make Major Life Decissions

And Avoid The Pain Of Making A Bad Choice

I made a mistake. Over the last year I’ve been in the midst of some major life transitions. What started as a dream over a year ago has now become my new reality. We are very excited for what’s ahead and the direction we’re going. However, there was a point a few months ago where I made a poor choice and it caused me some pain. I want to share a portion of our journey and four ways to avoid the pain I went through.

You can read about our transition and my primary career change here. Recently there came a point where I had multiple opportunities in front of me.

A Guaranteed Way To Be Noticed And Differentiate Yourself

Throughout history, the Jewish people have been one of the most persecuted people but also the most prosperous. How is it they always find ways to succeed and thrive in very difficult circumstances?

In his book “Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money” Rabbi Daniel Lapin talks about a key view of the Jewish people: they are always looking for ways to add value. If you make “Always Add Value” your mantra in the marketplace you will be noticed and differentiate yourself from your competition. Rewards, recognition, and resources follow those that always add value.

Trapped By Titles

Our culture likes titles. Companies get fixated on organizational charts in an attempt to match the perfect titles with the right people at the right layers (and then change them again next year.) Individuals obsess over and chase after the recognition that goes along with titles. People drive their identity and self-worth from the role listed on their business card.

Titles are important and do have a role to play to bring clarity and avoid confusion. However, often times we allow our title to limit our success.

6 Steps To Writing Your First LinkedIn Post

Months before I launched this blog I started practicing writing posts on my profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn posts are one of the best ways to build your network, influence, and connections in the marketplace. Are you thinking about writing your first post? I’ve had more success in my first month of posting than I expected. I’ve connected with a lot of new people and expanded my network.

For transparency here are how my first four posts have performed: